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Focus No Matter What

Happy Thursday to everyone reading. Sending nothing but healing and progression vibes to you all. Even in small numbers you guys give me motivation to continue to write or try to stay consistent as much as possible. Sometimes I have no idea why or who I'm doing this for but I always see the international readers from all over and locally and it motivates me daily. Thank you for it all. Thank to anyone who has helped me out during this journey seriously from the heart its much appreciated. Today I just wanted to talk about staying focused no matter what.

We get hit with so much distraction somedays it can be hard to even manage. We don't know how to stay on course and then we fall into a state of depression and the constant merry go round headspace vibe. My advice is to lock in on everything to be better. It can be as little as being better at your job and health by 10 percent. Anything is better than nothing. You will see once you push yourself to that area you will never fail. Its only up to you to get better. Also reflect on your past. Are you in a better place? If not set a goal for yourself to not be in the same place as you where last year. I know I have progressed but I had to remind myself as well. Much better headspace, and environment all around then last year. Way better actually, and I thank the real ones who helped out and I thank Jah for putting the mentality in me to never give up. Its all in us. Stay grounded, stay focused.

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