Feeling Lost

Blessings to all. I hope your day is going well. No matter what obstacles may arrive just know that if your are breathing with good health, home, and got love around you are truly blessed. Today I didn’t want to sound depressing with the title, but I was encouraged to continue to speak my mind or really what’s on the heart.

Black American Men. The generation that made it through the passage way after 100 million people didn’t and are still at the bottom of the Atlantic. The ones that continue to have multiple pressure from inside and out. Pressure from our own to make sure we never forget who we are which is correct. But then to be an ample part of society can feel secluded. As a black man I’m judged from the jump. “What type are you ?“ is the question. Then the category listing come into play. Are you a gangster? Are you educated , are you woke ? Your not going to make me feel bad for what my fathers did are you ? Ok then you can apply to this job , or be welcomed to the family. What ethnicity do you know has to do a race identity interview sometimes before meeting anyone?

Where is our place ? Like we don’t have a home ! Africa ? They accept but with terms. Some Africans look at us as if we are the lost kids of America and that is our origin. Fucced up considering the history. Everyone benefited from my ancestors , every single person. Then they told us to go home when we have 0. Being in Canada can feel even more separate. The Caribbean vibe is what’s the priority. Then it stops. No one bangs for us because it’s not affecting them , even other blacks who don’t live in the exact area.

So yes there times I feel lost. Who do I go to for unification? What LAND DO I HAVE? Think about it. Land that is my people land. We have none. We have 0. We need to overstand this issue.

Yes I do suggest buying back land and creating our own community. I’m not a lost slave like some of my aunts and uncles. I am a mother fuccin king that came from kings. Period. And I will die trying to fight to leave something for my next generation.

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