Feel Pain. Embrace it

Updated: Nov 5

Happy Friday happy sabbath eve to the real. It’s a great day to get out and conquer all goals. Tonight Nov 4th at 8pm eastern there will be a new video dropping soon with King Far Eye and me called “Storm”.  Look out for the link on my socials and let me know what you think! Today I wanted to talk about feeling pain and embracing the challenge.

There was a time I ran from pain or try to avoid it as much as possible. Now I know that pain through struggle is unavoidable. The gym is an example. The pain , the discomfort, the sweat then the results. It all ends with progression. No matter what. I’ve learned to stay calm , quiet , step back , get motivated then attack with what I’ve comprehend. That’s a much better approach I feel.  The pain is like that good soreness after the gym that lets you know you didn’t hold back. We got one life , why not go full speed! ?

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