Everyday Counts

Happy Friday to all. We have made it through another week. I hope all is well with your household. It has been a rollercoaster ride to be honest but we have made it! I wanted to be brief as I still have my hometown of Buffalo NY on my heart. I wanted to talk today about not taking any day for granted.

We never know the time or place that our journey will end. We all hope to live as long as possible. But my faith and observation of life puts a true perspective on the reality of our time here. To me, the purpose is to leave something that will last forever. Our soul never dies I know that for a fact. So every moment I find myself trying to accomplish something. That constant need to improve or help others. Most humans don’t have this mindset at all to be consistent with this flow buts it’s necessary.

Personally I just want to leave an impact on this world that someone can take and continue. I been through hell and back. But this is life. Dead ass, it’s not for the weak or selfish. We must strive to continue to better ourselves so we can better others. Flat out. I know that I want to be here for a very long time. I feel the spirits around me saying “ there’s work to do and you know what time it is “ nobody else in my family will do this. It’s up to me to carry on the real traditions that some of my family members have either forgotten or don’t want to acknowledge.

We are here. Some are not. It’s time to eliminate any person that isn’t here for the right reasons. Enough is enough…

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