Good afternoon to all. Hope your doing well. I want to give a big thank you to everyone who reads this blog for real. Like check in on me when I don’t drop it by 1230 and that does mean a lot. Support is very rare to find and honestly it saves my life so thank you. I have a little chip on my shoulder and it’s a very similar to when I was underestimated playing football. Enough now.

Enough what ? Enough of putting people on who don’t care about nothing but themselves ultimately. Enough sacrificing yourself to be last which kills your spirit or motivation. Enough putting in work for others only to be pushed aside. Enough now.

I feel I’m always told to not be angry, not be whatever. But how many times can I take this blatant disrespect. I wrote about this and I’m serious “THEY DONT CARE “. In this “cannabis industry “ especially has been one of the fakest, snakiest, backstabbing “family “ that I was “apart” of. Only to be left out like I don’t ride, bang for or promote any vendor, dispensary, or legacy company that comes my way. I’ve taken nothing from anyone. I’ve done nothing but try to put or connect companies to help them out. For years and years. I’ve gotten love back from the real but this snub for this weekends cup event drew the final line for me.

I want everyone who’s is attending to have a great time. Be safe. Enjoy the music from my kings like DJ Skinnyman, Aspects and of course JAYOCEE.

I don’t know how long I’ll be on this earth and I don’t know when my last day is , but I know I will stand on principles and die on ethics. I’m not like a lot of people around here especially. I will continue to better myself in all aspects of this world and hope that it will make a difference that lasts forever. I need to work harder though. I have no one to blame but myself as well. The fire has been lit. Now they can feel the heat until I cross over.

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