Emotional Triggers

It’s the beginning of the week and the official start of spring has passed! You made it through the Babylon storm and now it’s time to get back to real living. The past winter months can be mentally devastating to a lot of people. Personally It was one of the toughest I’ve ever endured. There are a lot of levels to peel back when it comes to this subject, however today I want to focus a little on emotional triggers.

What can trigger anyone to act out of character? The list is as long as the Nile River. From being wronged or treated unfairly, to family or job trauma, we all can easily be triggered if we feel that we need stand up or show our teeth so to speak. Of course I believe in standing up when necessary, but show patience and calmness when you feel a possible triggered situation coming. Trust me I’ve failed plenty of times. This shift for me has happened over a period of time. It feels like as humans were can be stuck in that no man’s land location of not letting anyone run us over so we express everything we feel; or taking it all in staying positive and moving forward without a reaction.

Every human needs mental support. Flat out. We all need healing. It may be as small as a words of encouragement from a close one consistently, a self help book, a therapy session, or even a walk in nature. To identify what triggers us to act with revenge, resentment, or rage we have to look within. There are deeper layers of hurt that need to be addressed and healed carefully. I had to look real deep inside myself and really get to the gully part of my struggles. There is some childhood trauma, resentment, vengefulness, anger, and sadness emotions that where ripping through me. But when you put a lion face on, no one can see your pain, so it was very easy to hide.

Once we can look inside and tackle that shit we can eliminate that shit. We can build the armour up. We can get to a Kingly or Queenly sense of never letting anyone or anything knock our crown off our heads. When someone is trying to trigger you they are coming from a place of hurt and actual fear. On top of that, if we continue to be triggered into these negative thoughts and reactions, we are also displaying the fear to heal ourselves which may be a painful process.

I’m definitely a work in progress, but by Jahs grace I can say I’m not the same. It took a lot of work. That’s the key issue; we don’t feel good enough about ourselves to put the work into ourselves with the resiliency energy like we do our jobs. We think me may not have time but on the contrary we do if we put ourselves as a priority. I’m on this book and it’s the second time I’m reading it as well called “ The Heart and Soul: Emotional Awareness” by Gary Zukav. I do recommend giving this book a good read. I also advise to be relentless with your self identity. Be true to who you are. Let the universe guide you through this trod. It’s going to be hard. But continue to heal internally so you can shine better externally.

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