Elijah Muhammad: The one we been waiting for.

Jah bless and give thanks always for the love and support. Hope you are finding something to get better at on a daily basis. Keep improving, keep grinding and most importantly, keep learning. I listen to the teachings from the Honourable Louis Farrakhan on a daily basis for my daily food. But there is no Farrakhan without the ultimate teacher and liberator of Black People across the world and that is the Honourable Elijah Muhammad.

Born in 1897 out of Sandersville, Georgia, Elijah Muhammad, who’s dad was also a Baptist Preacher, and Mother a sharecropper, was no stranger to hard work. He dropped out of school in the 4th grade and began to work at sawmills and factories until he was 17 where he share cropped back with family. Yes share cropping is still slavery. He then married and was part of the great migration north to the factories for a better life and to also escape the oppression. He remembers seeing many black men lynched by white men on a weekly basis. “I seen enough oppression from the white men to last me 26000 years. “ He then settled in Michigan where he spent most of his time trying to find work as the post World War I era was taking its tole.

Then one amazing day he was listening to a man speaking.The speech was on Islam and black empowerment. At the time Elijah Muhammad was attending a lot of black nationalist programs that where sparking up in the city. The man he heard was no other then Master Wallace Fard Muhammad. His words where so potent that Elijah asked if he was indeed the “Mahdi” or redeemer. Fard Muhammad answered yes but his time had not come yet. The make up of Fard Muhammad was never officially found. He uses many aliases to be un heard and un scene and he came from the depths of Afghanistan. He taught Elijah for 5 years and made him read over 108 books, then disappeared. Leaving Elijah Muhammad with the knowledge and now the leadership.

The NOI or Nation of Islam began to build throughout the country as our Pan African motivation began to rise. Elijah Muhammad built many Mosques throughout the country and dealt with constant internal threats from his own people and even amongst his own Baptist preaches, who didn’t like his Islamic base message. He was empowering us the right and truthful way. His reality wake up calls angered white Americans at the time who started loosing grip on the Jim Crowe way of thinking, and of course feared the revolution.

During the time Elijah Muhammad told black people not to enrol or refuse to go to War for a county who didn’t respect or see us as equal. He was then jailed for 4 years himself for refusing to go to war. During this time the NOI kept growing in force and when he came out of jail it was stronger then ever.

We where looking for a leader, a guide , a saviour like, to get us out of our mental condition. When he returned he now had many Kings that where now in the field. The amazing Malcom X came from this tree of knowledge and of course my favourite Honourable Louis Farrakhan.

Constant death threats, lynching promises, and fake lies sent to try to down Elijah Muhammad s name, was the reason he started the Fruit of Islam which is the security blanket for the entire black American race. Literally we have an army that at any moment in time if the honourable Lois Farrakhan says to move in a way then we move that way. I say we because the FOI has alliances with black organizations that are willing to die for the people and I personally am apart of this coalition and have been for years.

This is such a basic blog and I’ll get to part 2 or maybe do a podcast so I can talk more about his life snd his works. As a black men I feel he is saviour like. He would be next to Abraham or Moses. His knowledge was infinite and he passed that on to us. Showed us who we are, and gave us the tools to live from religion(introducing the Quran and still teaching from the Bible), to even the way we should eat. He is alive and well through us. Thank you Apostle for everything! We will not stop until we and everyone who has been oppressed rise again.

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