Easter: A rabbit and Jesus

Happy Monday to all. It’s a new week and I really hope if anything you where able to be with family and friends this past weekend. The sun is out longer everyday and soon we will be out of all this mess. (Speaking from my upnorth east coast perspective). If your enjoying palm trees continue to soak up the sun for us. I just wanted to share my thoughts about the holiday exactly.

“The rabbit is for the kids !!” . Yes I get it somewhat. The bunny rabbit that appears in April and leaves candy and treats for the kids, that are inside of eggs by the way or in a basket can seem a little…Babylon like ? Like even as a kid this concept I felt sometimes confused and annoyed by it. My mom didn’t play either and was not a fan. My last basket was when I was 7 and it was the morning of church. I saw the basket that was it and mom definitely stashed and gave away 75% of the candy and treats. End of story.

I was raised to believe this is about Jesus being crucified on Friday, and then rising up from the dead out the tomb, on Sunday morning. That was the purpose of Sunrise service at 5 am. I was then always involved in a Jesus play, where I’d play the disciples or guards, and of course the paster of the church had to play Jesus that was a given. I would be blessed with a fresh new suite every Easter. Then of course family dinner on the East Side of Buffalo at my aunt Rachel’s house. Yo the potato salad was banging every Sunday no lie.

I will say though I obeyed, I did every part willingly, but I had some questions. I kept that to myself until I moved out lol for the simple fact that any questions against Jesus might get you slapped or thumped on the forehead. However doing the real research, waking up to true teachings I knew it was off and I wish the church would tell the truth.

First off we are not going to act as if every Hollywood picture, play or film didn’t depict Jesus as a man who looked like Tom Green with long hair. I got this devil Jesus handed to me and yes that what that is. Anti Christ. The fact that some religions skipped clear Bible verses that announce the actual DNA of Mother Mary, and telling you what Jesus looked like is the true “sin”. As matter of fact all the prophets in the Bible did. But these are overlooked. My mother was even caught up on this. It was a mental enslaved tactic to always look at certain skin tone as “Christ like “ and it works!

Now, there are no images in these churches of Jesus whatsoever. Let’s just hide that time period and act like it never happened by getting rid of pictures. Sounds like you back shooting off the noses of the pyramids again to hide who actually was there first.

One last thing I can’t let go, Is this Sunday morning notion. They said he was crucified on Friday, was in the grave for 3 days, but Sunday morning he rose. That’s not 3 days that’s not even 48 hours. Now do I believe in the Real bronze coloured, hair like mine skin like mine Jesus, yes! How could he not be black? He did nothing but fight for the people, he had a crew that carried knives when they had to, he was given an unfair trial and killed in front of everyone. Then when he died that’s when they understood who they killed. Sounds familiar ? It’s what happens to almost every one of our leaders. The fear of the “black messiah”; thats what coward ass Edger Hoover, head of the FBI, feared the most and made sure to kill them.

Jesus was here to show and tell us about what was coming. He gave his life for what he believed in. So yes he died to show us that Jah is in him and all of us. He was risen and is still alive through us keeping him alive. These are my thoughts and I will get much deeper into it during my podcast coming up next month.

I hope you did have a great Easter. At some point tell the young ones there is a meaning to this. Just like Christmas there is a character that comes a long and does some different weird stuff and gives gifts to the kids. Is this maybe a tactic to hide the truth maybe? Who knows. But no one talks about Passover, or EID , or even the true meaning of Easter. It’s about making it fun. But that’s not keeping Jesus alive. At all. Make sure the kids have fun , make sure they are treated well, but don’t get caught up, eventually there will be an age they reach, and they will have questions. You have to be ready to let them know.

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