Donisha Prendergast Confirmed my Calling

Greetings and Happy early sabbath. It’s Friday morning took the day off to get the site and music in order. I want to give love and a thank you to those who have helped every step. You know who you all are and I appreciate you more than you know. One person who may not know it, but hearing her give the ok to my direction put the battery in my back to turn it up on all levels. This person is the wonderful Donisha Prendergast .

Donisha has been putting in work against this Babylon python since she was born. She is a filmmaker, human rights activist and a certified natural healer. Her voice and actions speak for itself. By the way a small fact as to why her energy to help is always high, is the fact that her Grandfather is no other than Bob Marley aka John the Baptist of the Rastafari movement. Her works have been seen all over. She does a lot of humanitarian work as well as starring in a recent film “Black Bodies” which documents the trials of being black in the 21st century. She has spoke out against the Dispensary cannabis that was clearly low quality. She was one of the first to call it out and stated that we need to be careful about the herb we ingest even if it’s legal.

By Jah’s grace I was able to meet Donisha speak in front of her and then have a quick conversation about what I was trying to do through my avenues. It was in Tyendinaga 2018 at the Indigenous Cannabis Cup where I was performing at the the time. After she spoke, relaxed and then I spoke for a quick second, I was able to meet her and have a conversation. I was still coming into Rastafari fully so I was eager just to be in the presence of royalty. Our conversation was quick because of how busy everyone was but it was so impactful that I remember it like it was yesterday. I simple asked her a question about how did she feel about me doing Rastafari music in not just the reggae form but rap , r and b, whatever . She looked at me and her eyes got big simply said “ well the message needs to be out on all platforms no matter what, that’s the calling..” . Giving me the biggest green light toward my music I think I ever received. I didn’t know if my music meant anything or was going to be accepted. Hearing Donisha tell me to yes go, do this and it’s needed actually was the true Rastafari confirmation.

I didn’t take any pictures with her because I didn’t want that experience to be just that a pic grab. I told her that I will meet you some day again and I’ll be in a better place and we will take the picture at that time. From that year 2018, I no longer had a fear of my message being received. You can’t tell me shit if the bloodline of Bob Marley gives you the ok. That validation is sacred and I’ll never forget it. Thank you Donisha for everything. Let this also be a lesson that a kind word or action can impact someone so much that you may not know it but it could change there life.

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