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Good morning everyone. Hope you woke up with shelter food and clothing. In this day and age you must know that society is at war with itself. Its time for the real to continue to make differences in every form that they can. I did a rant yesterday on my stories and it felt good getting a solid response from the real. Then I was inspired by another rant so to speak from a person who I consider another true SoulJah in this fight. That's why I want to talk about doing more when we can.

I first off always go to myself before I call on others. Even during some of the toughest year mentally that I have had in my entire life, one thing that I can say that I never missed a meal, never did not have shelter food or clothing, hell I never even went without smoking cannabis. Jah is great and I thank him daily for the simple things that I have. But some people don't have home, don't know where their next meal is coming from, don't even know how they are going to survive during these conditions. Imagine how cold it has to be , to live outside during this time. I got some people from the south who have moved from cold climates and they will never come back. But imagine your just stuck with no help really other than begging for food. I know its sometimes impossible to help. But when we break it down sometimes 5 to 10 dollars can change some ones life. Even words of encouragement with giving , you never know how this could impact the people in need. I think society is fucced up on many levels because we have the capability to stop world hunger and homelessness dead on. No one should be without shelter, food or clothing in this day and age. I don t respect the billionaire culture at all. I would cap my own money and give it to every single person that was in need.

So what can we do? Starting with me, ill just do more, like why not? Going forward people know I keep humble and hungry, but if i can make a difference in the street just one person at a time or just to be able to give and make a difference I will. We have to continue this fight we have no other options. Its clear that the government will never give a fuck about certain people. If we stand on fighting the oppressed, then the homeless people are right there. If you can, do more, and if you need help on how, I'm always here.

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