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Do it For Yourself

Good morning happy Thursday! If anyone is in the Cornwall area this weekend please link me. I will be headlining a show Saturday please get at me for details. Also next Saturday at Fiddlers Green we have another epic show fearing Kardinal Official so please don’t hesitate to contact me as well. Today I felt the need to remind everyone including myself to just do it all for you and only you.

The anger motivation can work I promise you. But only to a certain point then it’s like you have to switch to someone else your mad at. It can drive you but it can also kill your motivation. But when it’s you vs you, now you can hold yourself to a different standard and continue to have building blocks toward that goal. Outside validation from people who want to see you fail is completely unnecessary.

As always I’m talking to myself as well. I use to use it as anger motivation until I figured that I’m not treating this life fairly. The way I was raised I had no choice but to push myself by myself. We all have to find that inner lion or lioness inside of us. We all got it so let it free

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