Digital Black Excellence: Jesse Eugene Russell

Happy Monday to everyone. The grind never stops even when the weather shifts. Make sure you continue to be vigilant on your mental and physical health. We know that our cell phones can become a gift and a curse sometimes. But I guarantee no one really knows the amazing work Jesse Eugene Russell has done for our mobile devices.

Russell, who was born in 1948 from Nashville Tenn., started off with a passion for athletics, not education. Coming from a lot of hardships, he was determined to find a better way of life besides the sports avenue. He eventually turned his drive to reality by attending Tenn. State University, and ultimately finishing up at Stanford. He then went on to become the first Black Person to be hired at AT&T Bell Lab that came directly from a HBC (historically black college ). This hits home for me as my mother worked for At&T in NYC for over 20 years.

Russell began his journey from there and spent 20 years working on wireless communication. Through this time he obtained over 100 patents including 4G, broadband telephone network, and the mobile data telephone. By the way this was in the 80’s. Everything you see digitally with cell phone use, and communication through cable networks, software, satellite access networks, and even broadband communication, Russell invented.

To me it just shows again the hidden excellence that America hides. Russell

invented the digital cell phone. Can you comprehend this ? It’s the most ironic thing and even makes my eyes go on fire. Think of this. Black Americans are treated how we are treated. We invented so much that even a racist will ignore the fact that you touch black inventions every day of your life. I go into the perspective of had it not been for Russels innovation, a lot more cops would be getting away with murder. JAH IS AMAZING. Timing is everything. Thank you Jesse. From the heart. If your reading this from your phone. Just know that once again we have changed the world without any accolades what so ever. I will continue to stand up and spread the greatness of my people.

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