Deadly Focus

Happy Tuesday everyone. To my U.S crew especially my Buffalo NY family I hope you are still pushing through life even though your buried in deep snow. It’s always the first storm that’s the worse and 7 feet is serious. It’s also holiday week so I hope everyone gets to see family and stay safe.

I wanted to talk about deadly focus even when times can be crazy. You sometimes wake up to a brick thrown in your window mentally that is. That’s when your minding your business keeping to yourself and some idiot from your past or who is clearly not on a comfort level to be in your mental house , throws a brick throw your window to Fuc up your day ultimately. You have a few choices , you can chase down the person to get reaction, clean up the mess , or how I like it: address them while cleaning up and let them know your not damaging shit. Let it be a lesson to all of us. We all get messed with unexpectedly. It’s how we react that shows our focus.

I deal with this and trust me it’s best just to build better walls then to chase down the idiot the comes out of nowhere for no reason. Stay sharp stay focused.

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