Deadly Discipline

Greetings and Jah bless to the real. Fuc the fake, swan dive off a cliff into shallow waters. Yeah it’s like that and it’s like that for life. No person or person’s can stop the rise if the universe ordains it. We all have talent, goals , drive and it’s time we take what the universe is offering us everyday. I’ve learned so much during this life trod. I learned who rides well Ty me and who doesn’t. But most importantly what I’ve learned from myself is that I have a deadly discipline and you can acquire this as well.

I give credit to MADUKES always. My father as well but it was mostly me and my mom due to my dads coaching career. That old school North Carolina blue collar discipline was instilled in me from birth. I’m talking hardcore like , doing my laundry at 10, making my bed and cleaning my room daily I don’t even remember a time when it was dirty, church obsession which I absorbed the entire Bible literally, and most importantly respect for others no matter the colour. It was hard no lie. She didn’t play to many games, we had fun but it came with a price and when I hit 17 I was out of the house for good.

I didn’t know what she was doing until I woke up out of the Babylon sleep. She had real discipline to like mental and physical. I won’t go into detail of what she endured but it affects her to this day. I needed that in my life. In high school I missed 3 classes all 4 years and that was due to hand surgery. Fast forward to this day and I’m just like her. I haven’t missed a gym day or week since January, I find more things to do everyday to improve my well being or those around me somehow, and i know being consistent and discipline with Allah before me I will meet my goals one day.

I hope and pray that everyone here reading this continues to improve on discipline. It’s in everyone of us I’m promise.

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