Dahmer and Pure Racism

Happy Thursday to the the real. Hope everyone is enjoying there week so far it’s been a crazy time as far as weather so make sure you turn up the health habits as much as you can. I wanted to talk to today about the famous Netflix series highlighting Jeffrey Dahmer and his horrific life. Most importantly I wanted to talk about the racism that none of us knew growing up that happened during his reign of terror.

I felt like I was watching a horrible crash happen. I definitely fast forward a few parts. But the fact the Milwaukee WI police let him get away with so much is direct privilege and pure racism. Growing up I heard about this white man eating people and storing their organs in the fridge to eat. Chalked it up to him being crazy and that’s it. But to learn that he stored numerous bodies that smelled for almost a year and the cops did nothing about it is directly how my black communities get treated on a daily basis. I’m sorry but I have smelled dead bodies a few times. It’s a distinctive smell that you can’t get rid of and you know right away that it’s dead flesh when you smell it. The victims where drugged and plucked from the Gay Community: especially the people of of colour as if they where livestock. Fifteen fuccin people including a 14 year old ? How was he able to even get away with this ?

In the end no one cares about us or our community. The families of the deceased where never compensated and it’s disgusting. The moral of this is that cities like Atlanta GA where black people are guarded by their own leaves a better understanding. Point is it’s time to police our own people as much as we can. Ultimately no one cares so we need to take control.

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