Culture Vultures

It’s the middle of the week but I hope wherever you are or wherever your reading this that the sun shines bright on you even just for a second. The cold bug is heavy as usual so make sure you turn up that nutrition. Sometimes even what you ingest visually can make you mentally and physically sick. One thing that gets my blood to rise are culture vultures.

What is a culture vulture? Well we know the amazing bird that preys on the dying or dead carcasses. Yes every animal under the most high still has a purpose. But what does this mean culture wise? Pretty simple. These are people who are actually lost. They have no real sense of foundation building on a personal level. They refuse to be who the Most High put them on this earth to be. So they go looking for what culture makes them feel good and can even increase their fake value.

For example. As a Rastafari how do you think I feel when I walk into a smoke shop and the colour combination that was supposed to represent Ethiopia and the King of all Kings his majesty Selassie I the first, is now on bongs astrays and poster as the sign of a “weed friendly “ operation. How about when a person takes a sign from Buddha, the lion of the tribe of Judah logo, then a Islamic saying, put it all together like some religious gumbo and use it as a logo to further their business. If your putting in the work in all these cultures and actually know what these signs mean then maybe that’s a little different. However I know for a fact that this person doing this couldn’t even say Rastafari correctly let alone recite anything from the Quran.

As a black American we have had everything taken from us. I even heard a song recently that made me cringe. Like these people will sound like us dress like us dance like us, eat like us , try to play like us, even try to sing like us, then they go quiet as church mice when a pig shoots one of my brothers or sisters in the face unarmed. It makes me furious.

How about my Native cousins. Get me fuccin started today… Heritage, land, people, hair, logos and even at one point I remember in the states it seemed like all off sudden every white person had “some Cherokee in them “. Meanwhile you don’t know 10% of anything about that culture and you definitely don’t have that blood talking like that. Look at the street names, towns, parks: it was all taken then made to be some one else’s. Stealing from people who have been oppressed, killed, sent to prison for un fair sentences, and when they ask to be treated just fairly you oppress and take some more; your karma is real. The definition of a fucking culture vulture.

Focus on that vulture word for a minute. Because a vulture knows his place. He’s not going to take from the living or confident. So these people prey on the half dead and weak, AKA BIPOC. They wouldn’t take from the Zionist community. They take from the divided. They take because they can, or maybe they justify it by sleeping with the culture their taken from, but wouldn’t March in a protest for us if you fucking paid them.

Watch for these people. No need to address them, just be careful who you support. I’m tired of our culture being preyed on by these societal privileged idiots. But I’ll leave it to the universe to wake them up one day to show that what you are doing is disgusting. Case closed.

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