Crazy Faith

Happy Friddayy. We made to another sabbath and it feels great to get through the week. It’s been a rough one but no pain no gain. I want every one reading this to stay on your grind fully. No matter what aspect we are truly in this together. I wanted to talk about crazy faith in the most high that things will manifest how the creator ordains it.

I feel that personally without a spiritual foundation,  I would be in such a negative head space that I don’t how I would maneuver through life without having extreme anger. We all have difficulties, drama, hardships from work to school to just real life. Hard to know why are what your doing and even harder to know if it’s for a real purpose or not. I’ll say that The Most High has shown me the mountain top, then took the view away and said “when it’s time , you will be ready” . It can be frustrating because you want to scream “when !!” . But this is when crazy faith comes into factor.

The faith that behind close doors you have to keep grinding in order to manifest it all. Faith without works is dead. I know my time is coming it’s like I can feel it. And yours is to just keep preparing mentally , physically, spiritually.

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