Continuous Pressure: Babylon must fall

Happy Thursday to everyone. It’s officially Summer and I love it. The hot weather brings so much life to the cities and surrounding areas. If you can please look up CME on Instagram and donate to the food sovereignty program. Still needs a lot of your support. Today I wanted to talk about continuing to apply pressure on Babylon.

Recently the Toronto police released the data of how they have been racially policing black neighborhoods for decades. Of course it revealed that out of the Black Community in Canada that makes up only 9%, we are still 3 times more likely to get arrested. During the press conference the community let it be known that a simple apology is truly unacceptable. What is that going to do to the years of trauma that has now been absorbed and even past down to generations? You ever have a cop take your manhood and then let you go ? I have. You feel like shit for Years, not hours or days, years. And for the record yes , making you spread your legs, get searched, get your identification ran down for no reason other than that can do it by “law”, then let you go as if they did you a favour, takes your manhood right from you.

I don’t care about an apology, and this is why I stand firm on applying continuous pressure. Clearly nothing will change if we don’t. They will offer an apology, they wont offer the officers who still work on your force who are responsible for this data. They offer conversation, but won’t offer reparations. It’s clear who they really care about.

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