Charles Baker: Heating your house as we speak.

Happy Friday to everyone we made it and it’s been a long week. The goal is to stay consistent as much as possible no matter what obstacles are in your life. I haven’t given my people love lately as far as reminding everyone about our accomplishments that shaped this planet. For the record Kayne West is an absolute coon and one day he will have to face the ancestors that laid the foundation. I never supported him since he called himself Yeezus. He’s  a sell out your nothing like my kind. Now that I  got the trash out the way let’s talk greatness.  Like Charles Baker, greatness ! He was the inventor of friction heat that at one point was in every household and school throughout the nation.

Charles Baker was born from a slave family in Savanna Missouri . His mother died when he was only 3 months of age which put him in a situation to be a leader early. His father worked as an express agent and Charles would assist him in every way which triggered his love for mechanical science. To preserve his work, Baker secured a patent for his system, and he and a group of men started a company known as The Friction heat & Boiler Company. Baker sat on the Board of directors.

This system for the next 20 years would promote friction heat  that is still used to this day. A question to you racist pigs: how can you be the way you are when the people you hate keep you warm at night ? Question to coon face west : how do you feel knowing you purposely hate on your own kind , while knowing  you will never achieve anything greater than what your ancestors did? One day you got to lion in the mirror and face yourself .

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