Channeling Certain Energies

Good morning happy Wednesday! I hope your week still going strong . Again check out the new video with King Far Eye feat me called “Storm”. The track really shows the hunger and the drive that has been fuelling me for awhile. Today I wanted to talk about channeling energies into production or life.

Things can get hectic in life  all the time . We can feel like the world closing in on us.  So there has to be an outlet for us that we need. Sometimes we look for outlets that can be harmful like porn or harsh drugs that can be addictive. I’ve had years of finding myself and trust I’ve been all over the place with it. Shook addiction and got to a better place and we all can to. I suggest everyone continue to chase your true calling as a person so you can channel those dark energies into a vibe that is  productive in your life.

We are all great and offer something to this world no one is useless. So when you find yourself in that rut, continue to strive for greatness and self awareness.

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