Cannabis Racism

As always we have made it to another week. The grind only gets better from here. The sun is starting to shine, it’s almost April, getting the garden and out side lifestyle moving is essential. The outdoor and indoor growing of any kind can be some what of struggle, but not on the same level as a POC trying to obtain cannabis production licensing legally.

Of course the herb is a healer and close to the heart. When treated properly it can save your life flat out. However when it comes to this ridiculous stigma that is still attached to this wonderful plant it seems to only affect a certain people legally and illegally. The States continue to legalize state to state showing that there is a change of views toward the overall outlook. But on the contrary, numbers never lie and it’s clear who Babylon wants in the forefront of this tidal wave of cannabis and money; and it’s definitely not my kind. The same goes in Canada and specifically Ontario. There goal of building a dispensary per 2000 residents has been met very quickly. Seems there where a lot of behind the scenes conversations with the “right” people to step right in to that lane and go illegal to legal without any difficulty. There is 0 diversity when you break down the numbers and it was made to be that way.

The one sided actions of these tactics only effects POC. We are in jail longer, we face more criticism for choosing that lifestyle then anyone else , and it’s extremely hard to meet the legal standards they have put out to obtain any legal license. We are already starting behind from battling systematic racism in this very field. We are in jail doing 10 , 15, year bids for things that are being sold up the street. Every cannabis charge in a legal state or province should be dropped and the prisoners should be freed. Seems like Babylon in this sector is making and breaking the rules.

What can we do ? Ownership, land , and a fierce call to local governments forcing them to address the clear cut fuccery that is going on in the streets. Vote politicians out that seem to not understand this obvious difference. Another words continue to apply pressure. I looked up plenty of stares that cannabis is legal and the numbers of POC with legal production licensing is still to low considering what we have sacrificed. It makes it very frustrating to even consider ownership when you don’t see many that look like you that have obtained it. How are we supposed to influence the youth to the legal form of this if the can already see how it’s set up ?

The changes that are slowly being made to cannabis still have 0 to do with POC. I give much love to the Indigenous Territory which fought to have the right to offer cannabis the best way. As a black man, I know what we need. Land and unity. We need literally both at the same time and right now we are still working on the unity let alone land. Starts with us, then we can chop down this shitty system together.

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