Calm And Confident

Happy middle of the week to all. May your days be full of mental and physical positive progression. It’s been one busy week. I wanted to be brief but still spread love. Please be on the look out for some new music in the future and this wave will be tidal-like.

I really learned a lot over the past years about having a calm confidence i. all aspects of life . Sometime we know the greatness that we have inside but never we also might be scared of it. I feel as we can be humble to a fault which can hinder or confidence to be what Jah has made us to be. The creator didn’t create us to struggle all our life. But he has given each of us the tools and resources to put in the work so we can tap into what the universe has in store for us.

I struggle with this as well trust me. But over the past year or so I realized a lot and been through even more. It created a stronger, more confident man who now is confident in my direction; who also knows when to keep the confidence to myself and when to show it when the time is right. I can feel that I’m on my way to another level of self sustainability. I just want to make sure this time I cherish the reward, use it wisely , and multiple it to others. You can to.

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