Burn it All

Happy Wednesday to everyone. Go out there and do whatever you been wanting to do, now is the time. Trust me when I say I’m talking to myself as well. We all need to progress forward with everything. I can feel that shit. I want you to as well. I wanted to discuss moving forward With life and burning the past down.

I know that most people can get stuck in the past and stay there. We get obsessed with what we could have done better , or what we should have done , even what was done to us and what you could have done to prevent it or how we reacted. I’m telling you right now that the Universe wants you to burn that shit. Flat out . Get rid of any trash or memories that hinder yourself from advancing your life. Again talking to myself here as well I promise you.

It’s NFL season and me being a former player in the NFL you don’t know the heartache I use to feel watching either guys I played with or came up with making plays and I’m at home. Now, I can watch with a different eye but I catch myself falling into day dreams wishing I would have done ABC to put myself in a better situation today. That’s ignorant of me. The most high has a plan and maybe being on that level that young wouldn’t have made me the person that I’m becoming today. I know he’s working in a very mysterious way so my trust in him is vital and necessary. You can do the same fuccin thing. Burn the past. Recover from your mistakes. Learn from every movement. Grow into what The Most High put you on this earth to be. Don’t be scared to be great!!!

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