Buffalo NY Until I See Jah

Blessing to all who supported, sent messages, made phone calls just to see if me and my Buffalo family are ok. It’s appreciated more than you can imagine. I may go quiet but theres a lot of pain there, but I wanted to give you all a shoutout it means a lot.

So what’s next? Demanding a plan of action or we continue to apply pressure. Enough talk. Are our “leaders in politics “ going to actually step the Fuc up ? We want a financial plan as to how the government will attack and eliminate white supremacy. We want real justice and punishment to those who practice these ideologies. I’m talking from the fbi to the feds to the local police. You look over so many racist terrorist and let them go without any recourse. Then they massively shoot us and you say he’s crazy and wipe out all responsibility.

The difference in treatment is still on a bold level. When Ukrainian people need help they send trillions and Facebook puts up a icon tag for the cause. Plenty of organizations or people get automatic love even from social media. But when it comes to these events that happen to my Black Americans, we are left to morn and heal by ourselves most of the time. The call has increased and I love seeing people outside my culture call it out with no type of slack toward it. This needs to continue from the top to the bottom.

I appreciate the love I just can’t seem to write this week about anything else but the pain my hometown is going through. That location will never be the same. BUFFALO WILL RISE. What !!? ? We to tough. Built for it I promise you. We will not back down. Will will defend, end it got good, then recycle it with that Buffalo love and grit.

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