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Buffalo NY Made Me

Jah bless you and your family on this great day. Thank you as always for the support and feed back. These actions give me more motivation daily and it’s truly refreshing to know there are still genuine people around. There is no place to me on earth that displays this overall care for other humans then my place of upbringing, Buffalo New York.

I arrived in the Nickel City at the age of 6 after a stint in Kansas City, MO and Somerset New Jersey; with no clue how this was going to play out. My father was an assistant coach at the time for the Buffalo Bills, so we where blessed to move to a nice middle class neighborhood of Amherst,NY. My mother did an amazing job making sure I stayed close to my culture and people be insuring that I spent 3 to 4 days a week on the East Side of Buffalo, where my actual family stayed. I went to church across the street from Hutch Tec., I played countless basketball games at John B Wiley stadium, had Sunday dinners at my aunts house off of Bailey, and got my haircut every week by my uncle at JV’s barbershop off of Grider. However, the high-school I attended Williamsville South, was great on education and facilities, but took a backseat on actual culture. Literally my parents and a few other black parents, whose children attended the school as well, had to request that the confederate flag logo and stickers on varsity jackets be removed. So needless to stay it was a total opposite side of the spectrum I was dealing with all in little old Buffalo NY.

The real upbringing started when I attended Buffalo State College, which put me on the West Side of the town. I can still hear the Spanish music playing up Niagara to this day. College was a blur to say the least. Beer is everywhere and it’s cheap. Needless to say this effected a lot of decisions during this time period. But overall I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I got stories but that would require a thick book not a daily blog. There is serious segregation in my city and it was made to be that way. It’s small yet has a blue collar toughness that you absorb the moment you breathe Buffalo air. That grit sets us apart from anyone on this planet. We don’t have much and we grind for it all. We where always overlooked because of our proximity to NYC, but I think the Buffalo Bills and the music from the Griselda regime has completely eliminated these notions. We pay the same taxes with less pay. We still have some of the best food in the world and the talent that comes out of my city speaks for itself.

Yes. Rick James blood is in every last one of us so excuse me if we seem..I don’t know…crazy ? But being from where I’m from can also be a trap. We all love our city, but if you aspire greatness in specific fields you may have to move North or South of the country. But we take our city right with us. One women in Dallas, Texas that I dated for a short period time told me to take my Bills hat off at the sports bar like she was embarrassed. That was the end of that relationship and made us kicking the shit out of Dallas on Thanksgivings, on their field that much sweeter. Never mess with a bills mafia member and the bills. Ever.

I know I’m bias as all hell but I love Buffalo. It will drive you crazy but build you into a hybrid machine that most will either understand or get ran over with. To be 2 hours tops from Toronto literally changed my life and I’ll blog about that as well. I wish I could show ever person my city. The reasons why we are different then any other New Yorker can only be felt through experience. Don’t be scared now lol. Check out the city. Do the small things. You will feel it immediately.

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