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Good morning to the real, blessings to the everyday people who do what they can to make it, and karma waves to those who deserve it. As most of you know I am from Buffalo New York. The tragedy that happened this past week hit home as my mother and her family use to frequent and still do at the specific Tops Supermarket Location. When i see the pics of the beautiful people that passed my heart sinks. See they look very familiar. That’s how my city operates.

It’s a smaller city then what it use to be. A lot of us had to migrate North but especially South for a better way of living. The top city in the Rust Belt ( Cleveland, Pittsburg, Buffalo ) , we at one point had a thriving economy. Most of us are second generation to this massive move north for better jobs in 70s. My aunts and uncles where products of this environment. So you can see that Southern mix that we have even though we are still in a Upstate NY state of mind.

So the location of the tragedy was located in an area where most people decided not to leave and stayed in the city to make it better. They owned houses, frontliners always, and where pillars in the community. Buffalo is not a place for the weak at all.

I want to encourage everyone to continue to send love and support. I’ve put a few post up of some ways you can send help to our communities in need. The pain is real but this event needs to be the beginning and the end. If you can overstand what I mean by that then you know the mindset. The end of this scum shit , the beginning of a new paradigm. I love my town, I love being from there, I love what it made me. I checked myself earlier today. I felt that it was hard being around people in a country where it’s not being talked about a lot. But that’s me being selfish. I want everyone s energy to stay up and live like it’s your last day. I can’t expect everyone to just know what I’m going through . And their happiness should make my energy rise eventually as well. Love for all of you l. Stay Safe.

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