Buffalo New York Forever

Blessings and guidance to the real and only the real. I hope you are safe and feeling better every day you wake up. Please overstand the value of life because in these times it is truly precious. I still have my home town on my heart and mind. Very hard to write about anything else when your phone keeps going off from love ones who need help or just a voice. We have so many emotions.

Anger, frustration, hurt, furious, and blood thirsty. Yes the thirst for it is there, and there are no if, ands, or buts about it. I can see the murderers face at night. I can smell his wet dog ass from here. I watched the tape as he said sorry to a person who was white and then went on to kill. He has a manifesto. I don’t get it. What’s really bothering you supremacist? Like seriously you mad because you have 0 culture? Or you mad you add nothing to society? Where is your mother little boy ?

Of course I hear about “mental health “ or he’s crazy? And now his friends all want to blame Covid ? No no bitch . You won’t get away with it. Bottom line he didn’t do this privately, and any friend around him knows you saw and let him do his “crazy “ shit, that was actually terrorism and racist rhetoric. You let it happen and so many people do. This is why we as black people need And repeat NEED to check and eliminate any form of racism within your own fuccin camp . Stop pacifying it and turning a blind eye. “That’s not me “ Hold up, it’s right in front of you though ! So your apart of then to. The karma is ordained by the universe. I’d be very careful if I was you.

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