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BSRC Reasoning: Introduction and purpose/ Addressing these “virus” times.

First off thank you from the heart for visiting my platform and giving time out of your day. Every second literally counts so you rewarding me with this energy by observing some of my personal reasonings means more than you really know.

The main objective of the BSRC Reasoning is to speak nothing but organic awareness as much as possible. You can expect a particular focus on the avenues of health, music, current world issues, and of course we continue to cut Babylon every chance we get. Moving through these times I feel it’s important to have a purpose in all you put forward. I hope these thoughts feed your soul or add something positive to one’s mindset.

The first Reasoning is to bring out the obvious time and energy we are all In and going through this “pandemic” . This isn’t a get jab or not get jabbed rant. This is from the observant type of flow and just from my view point. When it comes to this situation clearly we know as humans something isn’t right. This is to expose the out of control antics that were told to us by our politicians. At first the “get outside fresh air stay healthy breathe carbon” was a great call to what we are supposed to do to fight any virus that we encounter. However that does nothing for the benefit of the power that needs people to heal chemically and not holistically.

The transition to vaccinate everyone came as a tidal wave and gave no real room for actual immunity type of research in my opinion. The lockdowns caused mental stability to plummet. The loss of jobs and the choice to take medicine you may not be so sure of was immediate.

No doubt suicide rates spiked beyond belief. This was Babylon being Babylon. The authors of confusion and ultimately the people suffer. It should have been just your choice to take whatever medicine you feel necessary to keep yourself safe. The call for better health in the proper form would have woken up the sleeping masses to self sustainability and the proper way to fight any sickness. The increase is still there. Which to means shows you can’t stop the world and people from finding the true healing no matter what it is.

Going forward we can continue to not listen to anyone but ourselves and I mean on a personal level. But I also think we need to open up that soil base real life knowledge, and close the worldly social bull shit we all have at one point fallen for. Listen to your body and feed the mind. Work it out if you can mentally and physically. Watch who you surround yourself with. And know that there is only one eye who sees all. Jah bless always.

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