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Booker T Washington

Jah bless and love to all. Thank you always for the love and support. I hope you find some peace and love today even if it’s for a few minutes. If not I’m sending good vibes to anyone reading this! It’s a new week and today I want to do a brief reasoning on a great man named Booker T Washington.

Washington was one of the last Black leaders, that was actually born into slavery. He was a great educator, author and even eventually became an advisor to many presidents of the United States. He was born in 1856 out of Virginia, where he graduated from Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute. He actually never knew the day he was born or what year until evidence was bought forth after his passing. But as a child he remembers the day his parents gained their freedom and became “citizens”. With this background he was eager to try to make a change in the advancement of Black Americans across the nation.

After graduating from Hampton at the age of 25, he became the leader, or dean so to say of the Tuskegee institute, now today known as Tuskegee University. He literally purchased an old plantation and him and the students built the college brick by brick. Washington would put his all into this college for the next 30 years. His goal for black Americans was to educate ourselves and arm each other with skills so that we can easily inter-grate with white society at the time.

Washingtons main objective was to train our people into manual and domestic labour trades to further our progress in the rural areas. Economic power was the cry. He also started the NNBL (national negro business league ). This gave him access to black political leaders, and to also align himself with white philanthropist that can further help his message. He was able to able to rub shoulders with people like Julius Rosenwald, Sears President, and Eastman Kodak, the owner of Kodak films. With these relationships and more he was able to campaign heavily for his movement.

A turning point in his trod came with a speech he delivered called the “Atlanta Compromise” . He stated as to work along side with whites and to be accepted because of our education and skills have set us up properly in society. It was first received by all. Yet some civil rights leaders back off and thought that Washingtons views felt a little to compromising. W E B Dubois was fully against these ideals. The NAACP became mainstream and started a political divide between the organization and Washington.

After Washington’s passing, the civil rights movement became more progressive and actually took action. In my opinion I feel Washington was a little to early with his views on advancement of the black nation. We needed not to inter-grate but to become independent. We needed education but psychologically we needed healing and protection. I feel leaders might have been jealous of his relationships with the certain whites they could help out. I feel both sides here. I love what he accomplished. I also know to never trust an oppressor especially in the political spectrum. I feel Booker loves seeing our advancement, but is asking why are we not doing more ! I swear Booker I’m going to do both. Arm the mind, learn agriculture and business, help my people, but also learn to be more independent. Thank you Booker. Motivation Motivation Motivation.

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