Black Pantherettes Queens of the BPP

Happy Thursday! I hope you woke up today feeling good. If not, just know you are alive and Jah is fighting every last one of your battles I promise. I also ask that if you read this please share as much as possible. I will not stop no matter if 4 people or 40000 read my blogs. My goal is to spread knowledge as much as I can everyday that I am on this planet. Even if one person is effected the right way, then Ive made my goal. Today I want to discuss the amazing role that Women played in the Black Panther Party.

The BPP led by Bobby Seale and Huey P Newton, started in the early 60s as a protection group for Black Americans all across the country. It began with simple cop monitoring and having extensive Knowledge about the local laws including the right to bare arms. The BPP stated exercising and exposing these laws especially in California. Education, self awareness and good health became the foundation. With free breakfast for all kids before school, education programs, trade programs, tutoring the youth, and training everyone in every field, we started empowering ourselves. Yes this was such a group of terror sounds like right? The FBI and ignorant others thought so. I’ll do another in detail post about the BPP. I know you don’t have all day to read so let’s get to the Pantherettes.

With offices set up all over the country the BPP was making strides all across the USA , however this was dominated by mostly black men. One day a queen by the name of Tamika Lewis walked into the office. She asked to join, then asked for a gun and the rest was history. She started recruiting more women and developed programs such as drill class, education and even started the news paper.

More women began to rise up. As a matter of fact by the time the peak hit in 1969, women made up 60 percent of the party. Frontline all the time. Standing firm with powerful voices. Not afraid to use weapons for protection, even so that most women that went to the gun range for practice ended up out shooting their male counterparts.

The Pantherettes also dealt with internal male chauvinism. Most men at the time had a lot of pride and couldn’t take direction from a female. They woke the Fuc up quite quickly when it was time to put in work and the females where right there if not more willing to put their life on the line. Especially toward 1969 when the FBI put most of the male BPP leaders in jail. The women stepped right up and had no problem filling the position. Bobby Seale and Huey made a statement to end all male chauvinistic rhetoric throughout the party. This was also a time when that party had been dismantled by Babylon forces and was coming to an end, but the seeds where already planted.

Women have never stopped stepping right up and letting their voices heard when atrocities continue to happen. The BPP was only dangerous when it connected blacks, indigenous and poor whites together. The women held it down and still do to this day. Every protest from BLM, to cops killing us, to every child matters, land back, saving the planet: women are right there in front all the time. We as men should take note. Some of us put in work, but most of the men who think they have gigantic balls would be crushed by the balls of most women. The lioness are the real danger if you see them it’s because they allowed it. When the women starts to scream or get mad look the Fuc out. When Mother Earth is mad you can feel it. Notice a pattern here? Some men need to know their role and shut there mouth, yes like The Rock states, but it’s facts. Protect our queens, they are protecting us.

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