Black And Indigenous Unity Same enemy Same fight

It’s almost the sabbath and I hope everyone is feeling good today. Im sending out vibes and love to all always. Forget your enemies , Allah fights all battles and protects his own! Remember that. If your reading this please go support my cousins over at CME. If you can follow the link I attached below for our food sovereignty program. CME has been transparent with all donations and literally as I’m writing this , land is being cleared for the community garden. We of course still need any help we can so hit the link and if you can help please do. This goes right with my blog today and I want to get into black and indigenous unity.

Now don’t feel left out please if your reading this. I feel the spirit of Fred Hammond sitting right next to me stating that this fight never singled out a certain race. Again the FBI killed Fred when he unified blacks with Indigenous and especially middle class to broke Caucasian Americans. This is mental food to think about so that you can join the fight and get out of the karma that is coming to Babylon.

Growing up I never considered the Native to have any connection to me whatsoever. Babylon did a great job literally eliminating anything powerful or traditional from the Native down to culture, land , and even tradition. No history to expose what was done, just racist cartoons depicting something that wasn’t even close. Then when I found out what Babylon did to the native, while having the knowledge of what they did to us, I got mad very quickly.

It’s factual that everything starts in Africa, including some native tribes that have tracked their DNA all the way to the original tribes of the earth and they end right back to the Motherland. It’s no secret what was done to both of us. However I feel the separation and the elimination of actual facts is a bigger issue. Babylon didn’t want to be called out for literally killing off a set of people , then using another set to build up the county with free labour for 400 years catapulting the economy into a world power.

The recent generation of elders from both ethnicities feel the same way. It’s parallel. The native has never done anything to the black nation and vice versa. Kanawake, Tyendinaga and even my people in Oneida where the first to stand up and scream Black Lives Matter while the George Floyd movement was becoming more intense. By the way the native was still fighting in solidarity across the country with shutting the tracks down from their own land being raped. So they took on another fight. Black Americans do the same as a nation. We stood right there for every call and made it clear who we stand with.

I don’t fold on my standards. I was even let go from a cannabis company, who operated on territory by the way, for refusing to take lunch or work with a person who still works there. They had some nasty things to say about the Mohawk nation and I wasn’t falling for it. They even double backed and sent me messages confirming the racism. Talk about a test. But because the respect that I still have for people who work with this company I refuse to say the name or call it out. I let the universe handle it.

No matter what we are people. No one should stand for any oppression. I walked 12km, from the crash site, to the Mosque with my BLM family for a cause and my native people stood right next to us. My native cousins are that , Cuzzzins!! I got a lot of them to and we are family. We talk daily, we motivate each other, we build, but most importantly we stand together. Fucc Babylon. Time to form the alliance with anyone who’s heart is pure and can see the light. Unify it. No matter the colour or religion, the original owners of this land need your voice and your help. The people who where taken from their native land and bred into a hybrid race need you to understand us. REPARATIONS. Or Separation. Flat out

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