Black American- Proper Identification

Jah bless to the habareen across the globe. Sending prayers and guidance to all especially our seniors in life. You are very special and I am praying for all of you daily to continue to live and have a speedy recovery through any difficulties. Make sure you keep an eye out for some events this week May 13th and 14th. Keep supporting the platform it’s really appreciated. Today I wanted to dive into why to me Black American is the proper identity term.

I’ve been called everything. To the point where I would cringe when I was around people who “didn’t know what to say so it wouldn’t be taken offensively “. I can see the reasons why fully. There are a lot of terms that could offend a lot of people. African American was the typical term that was used for us. Even a lot of leaders at first demanded this term be taken seriously when it comes to our background information. Only 7 years ago the US military finally dropped the term “Negro” from its identification applications. I was even called a “negro” by my high school football coach my senior year.

African American felt good at first. The lineage to Africa is very important in my culture. But peep the difference. The immigrants who recently came here are to me the real African Americans. I was born in the USA. My culture was cut off and lineage completely ruined. Africa also never came together and demanded the USA answer to taking and killing over 200 million Africans and forcing us to slave labour. It feels as if we are cut off. We are the guest that is welcomed when we show up to Africa, but no one asked us to come nor will they miss us if we are gone.

The term black may seem intimidating to some but it fits just right for me. That’s who we are. The lost tribe, the best of the best, the gumbo of the world. Our Pan-African movement seems weak if there is no real Africa support. We are separated from knowing our power in unity. Therefore Black American works for me.

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