Black American in Canada pt 2

Happy Wednesday to all reading and many blessings to you and the family. Thank you again for the support as always. Feels good to know that when you stay on it, people understand and know that even though you maybe going through trials you still find time to  express whatever is on the heart and hopefully that can make a difference in someones life.

I want to address something and again call out to black organizations in Canada. Hello !!? Are you listening ? Ok again the question is “why do you not give a fucc about Black Americans being slaughtered by Police ?”  Why !!? Oh it was cool when the pandemic hit, it was cool for George Floyd be  the world was aware and made a protest about it. Trendy. Then when it was time to go back to work, meanwhile we still are getting murdered , you go silent ?! Today . Yes today a black man was murdered , unarmed, by the police in Columbus Ohio. First thing I did was check in on my boy to see if he’s ok since he is from that area. Then I check on programs up here to see if there was even a repost , which takes 3 seconds. Nothing. Again . I wrote about this a month ago.

So it’s clear. The optimism though is that when I report it, I get Canadians responding. They are shocked but now fully aware of the number of times this occurs. That’s the fuccin point!!! AWARENESS!!!  I will continue to stand up. Not just because I’m a Black American but because this is about humanity. What I’m not human !? I rock for indigenous, I rock for those battling addiction, I rock for anyone oppressed case closed.  Just understand . This makes being up here very frustrating and knowing I’m not getting respect from my own people is disheartening. Again I spoke in Hamilton City Hall for my Buffalo NY people. In front of political partners , police, everyone. It shouldn’t fuccin take 10 of us to die at one time to get some recognition.

I’m calling all of you out. See me . Debate me. See I’m not the average . I’ll check my own people first before I start checking Babylon. But you know what if I got to do this my motherfuccin self then I will .

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