Begin The Manifestation

Happy Friday to all it’s the weekend and we made it. Hope your week is going extremely well and productive. I’ve been writing a lot lately and I don’t want to bore anyone so I just wanted to spread some thoughts about the season we are in and what time it is.

Ever felt like you deserve better in life ? That’s because you do. The most high has granted us all the ability to create our own world. That’s why in the book it states “…ye are Gods below the high God.” Now you may not believe but you can overstand the statement. We are kings , queens , Gods under the Big creator. He gave us the ability to show his power through our works. We are literally portals to the most high. That’s why when you see some humans excel to another level especially with the mind, we tend to attach a Messiah like outlook on him and her. But on the contrary they are no different then me and you. Every human being is gifted something incredible to separate themselves from anyone else and give the capability of self sustainment. Tap into it and have faith The Creator will guide you.

I hope everyone has and amazing weekend. I appreciate the love from 1 reader to 50 love for all of you .

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