Battle Tested

Happy Thursday habareen and happy harvest to those in trim jail it’s almost over !! I just wanted to share some quick thoughts this morning. Sometimes it can be hard to pick subjects to talk about but lately it’s all from the heart and I know people are going through the same obstacles on a daily basis no matter what the level is .

Being battle tested to me is continuously getting stronger through adversity . Trust me it feels like there’s always something going on and it can feel uneasy. But the stronger you are mentally especially the more you can bounce back fully. There’s always people who will come and through a brick throw your window or try to for no reason. Truth is you can create a mental wall or a bulletproof heart that halters any attempts . The brick throwers may feel like their damage  but in reality it’s doing nothing and the bricks they throw you attach them to the wall for more security. Silence speaks volumes sometimes.

I hope everyone continues to build and again crank up the health if you can. It’s a lot to deal with during this holiday time. But overstand your never alone. I have to remind myself of this as well.

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