BAD FRIDAY: Anniversary of the attempted genocide of Rasta’s across Jamaica

Jah bless to all who continue to tap in on a daily basis. I hope you continue to get better through this season. Make sure your arm yourself with protection at all cost. It’s supposed to be a “Good Friday” celebration type of flow. But I couldn’t call myself or bang Rastafari if I didn’t make people aware of the horrible acts done to the Jamaican Rastafari community on this day.

The year was 1963 around April 11th. I tried to get the exact truth from the violent altercation at Coral Gardens, Montego Bay Jamaica, but can’t seem to find real accounts or witness’s. Based on the simple facts, there was a disagreement with a specific gas station and land that was being tilled by the Rastafari community. The agreement spilled over into a series of events that saw the death of 3 Rastafarians and 2 police officers. This was a serious time and a serious situation.

Following the fight the police hunted and killed all the other Rastafarians who were just present at the time. The media began to work on demonizing the Rastafari community like we where savages. They made it out to be an “up-rising” when that was far from the case. So on April 12th aka Good Friday, Fucc boi Prime Minister Alexander Bustamente gave an order to “Bring All Rastas in dead or alive.” Military forces went to every camp or gathering, tortured or killed us, cut off our hair and forcibly detained us. Over 150 Rastafari lives ware lost on that day by our own Jamaican government.

As a child I use to walk over and through Coral Gardens on the time. It’s right on the grounds of Rose Hall. I was always fascinated with the castle but didn’t know the horrible events that I was walking through all my childhood life. Many arrest followed this and it was years of persecution.

Only until 2015 public defender Arlene Henry submitted an official report to the Jamaica parliament demanding an investigation into the matter and full reconciliation. April 2017 I fully remember this apology as I was about 2 years into Rastafari and didn’t hear much about the incident. I was livid of course. The parliament took full responsibility stating the events “never should have happened”. They then established a trust fund of JA $10 million (which is about 80k USD) for the victims life lost during the battle.

With 150 lives lost that money really doesn’t do shit. The apology was late but better late then never. When I came to Rastafari my order was protection. To watch over the elders , to watch over the land, to guard the kingdom. At all cost I’ll give my life for those I protect. Rastafari is a peaceful way of life but don’t be fooled. You see most of us are actually crazy, and we are fed up with the world. You can’t kill what isn’t scared to die. We live forever. This is why my music has a certain tone and will always. Our own people and government at one time was killing us. We are still being persecuted. Like our sister Nzinga King, who recently had her hair cut by Jamaica police while under custody for no reason at all. Trust there was a response by our community world wide. I don’t really think Babylon should come at us. Selassie Told you “leave them alone…they know exactly what they are doing.” As you should. We are defenders of the Earth, tillers of the land , and protectors of the people. Notice this had nothing to do with cannabis. Get that notion out of your head half of us don’t even partake in that aspect. There is a new type of Rasta that is a moving through life. I’m part of that protection call. Trust me I stay ready as well…

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