Back to Basics

Happy Monday to all. It’s a new week and a new chance to evolve yourself into the best person you can be. It’s safe to say that Summer is here, so it’s time to plant those seeds and reap the benefits of the harvest. Today I wanted to be brief. It’s Indigenous History Month so look out this week for some blogs giving a spotlight to my native cousins.

Back to basics , what am I even talking about? It’s simple. With the media giving half lies and half truth, with numerous shootings happening all over , why doesn’t anyway slow the Fuc down and think? Back to basics! Back to securing on a whole level. It means taking words and actions seriously. It means no one can lie to you when you have the truth in your pocket.

I think we overthink to much on social issues and we have now gotten them out of control. No direction. It’s simple you want to secure schools? Hire vets to stand guard. Simple. You want to tell us you care about the earth ? Then give the land back to it’s rightful owners so they can show you how to really operate over here. You want to end world hunger ? Then instead of letting someone buy twitter for 43billion, why not send that over to a few small countries and territories to bring them up to speed of the modern time.

Today I just felt like we as humans have overthought everything instead of putting our trust into the creator and letting the energy flow freely. Let’s get back to the real …

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