Back on the Grind

Happy Tuesday to the real. It’s been an amazing few days from the show this past weekend. Got to see everyone I know in Tyendinaga and also performed in front of great crowd while meeting legends. Humbling experience but it can also drive you to keep pushing.

No matter what event is going on in your life good or bad: when you conquer it, the hunger has to continue. You can’t be satisfied at all. You also have to put the work and not expect someone to come and rescue you. I watched a lot of people including myself work their ass off year by year and with faith the work is rewarded with accomplishments.  It’s all coming together but the grind has to continue to be on overdrive. With that said look out for the release date of new music, more programs and Jah willing more shows. The winter can be cold up here in the north , but we are to tough to let it stop us.

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