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Good day to all. I hope your doing well and finding a little peace no matter what your going through. Again I don’t know who needs to hear this but never give up. I’ve had real suicidal thoughts all my life and I want anyone who is going through this to know you are never alone. If anything reach out to me. I’ve been through so much and still I’m pushing through it. A lot of real battles that we go through are never seen especially by others. Again I repeat you are not alone. I just wanted to finally get back to spreading love, knowledge and awareness daily. I’ll scream it until I m on the other side of this life journey, “I’m from Buffalo NY, we are to tough” . I truly feel that.

In all honesty I’m still angry. I feel hurt, I feel betrayed , I feel useless , I feel alone , I feel like taking action. This is all because I know this mass murderer will get life if anything and will be fed better then most people who don’t run up in a grocery store with a racist agenda to kill black people. He was taken into custody nice and calmly. His family and friends aren’t worried, he’s protected fully while in custody. All the while we are sitting here hurting. I don’t think many will overstand how these events affected my black community. I’m tired of the same treatment. Like Will Smith smacking Chris Rock was talked about more. I go to the gym with fire in my eyes. I push myself beyond limits. But that edge is deep. I don’t like when my people are preyed upon.

I feel lost as a Black American right now. Like what’s next? Nothing ? A sad funeral with a bunch of rallying speeches and no action? What organization is really about that action!!? I know a few that’s bout it. Like on another level. But when is enough enough? When will we do what The Honourable Louis Farrakhan has stated, “the difference comes when we die and then they die…then we will have a real conversation.” I fully agree. The law ordained by God is a life for a life. We are not abiding by that law. I know a difference will come when protective actions are made immediately. It’s all good when you can hide behind a person massively shooting black people. But what if we responded with the same energy instead of crying in some church? I’m done with this for now. But I’m tired..thank you for reading as always. Buffalo NY For Fuccin Life.

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