Babylonian Disease

Happy Tuesday to all reading and grinding away. It’s been a journey but consistent improvement’s and movements are a must. I want to thank everyone supporting me through this time. It makes me feel that I’m never alone and for that i can’t thank you enough. Today we talk about the real pandemic and that is this disgusting Babylonian disease that has spread world wide.

This sickness is based off of a group of people that continue to colonize, take what’s not theirs under some fake ordained rule, then cause so much confusion that you forget even what they are doing and you give up. I’m talking right-wing politicians, fake supremest police offices and law enforcement all the way up to the FBI, and finally that straight up lies that where taught to us all through  school.  These actions where past down from generation to generation and it feels as if it gets deeper and more confusing.

Look at these fake politicians with the mindset. They lie to your face and then further their own agenda to take care of “their people “ which probably has a money motivation attached to it. Notice I haven’t called out a race ? Because there are  Babylonians in every culture. Black Babylonians that are Trump  supporters, the pussy Mayor who refused to do right by Breana Taylor or the ones who set up Malcom X. How about Indigenous Babylonians who say they take care of the land then take a deal behind peoples back only to benefit themselves and other council members. Shit gets deep.

In Rastafari we say down with Babylon for a reason. But the enemy is everywhere. We must start at the base to kill this destruction which is starting with our own people. Das EfX was right …”check yourself before you reck yourself !” Lol if you can overstand that ! ? Watch everyone, watch their selfish moves and their attacks , then watch the creator crush them with his spirit and swift karma.

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