Babylon Fuccery

Jah bless as always for another chance to obtain our dreams. I hope and pray that if you are reading this, I want to let you know to never give up. It seems impossible, but that’s when the most high kicks in. To be blunt, it seems like we need the Creater to kick in a lot and maybe kick some teeth in to. When it comes to Babylon especially, this battle needs assistance from the Almighty. That’s why today I want to talk about Babylon fuccery.

The definition of Babylon ranges from an actual place in the biblical era, to a state of mind as well. The tower of Babel was built only to reach the Creator at the time. The people of Babylon turned against the teachings and thought they can build a tower that can walk right up to the Most High. Clearly that didn’t work and as punishment the tower was struck down and everyone was in a state of confusion to the point where they all started speaking different languages. Now to overstand this, you have to identify the lessons of the story and why Babylon has changed from a place to a state of mind. The tower represents the actions of people trying to manipulate the universe. The striking down event represents the confusion that was dealt by the Creator which is flowing like a river today.

Babylon is the controlled oppression by our government systems that tell us all day they look out for our well being, meanwhile flooding their political pockets. It’s a nice plethora of confusion that distracts you from real issues. In this day and age it was done right before our eyes. Start a pandemic that was overplayed from the get go, give vaccines to people with minimal research so we can pay our pharmaceutical gangsters, when it fails don’t say anything back away, oh look war in Ukraine! You see it ? It’s everywhere. You start talking real truth , your signal goes out , you get reported or “fact checked “ . That is the definition of Babylon Fuccerry.

As a whole we need to break away from Babylon mental slavery. That fear that we can’t take on a challenge especially against the government for their wrongdoing , is a real vibe. But with the Most High Before us nothing can stop you at all. I try to cut Babylon down ever day. You can to. When you find your truth, for you , or when you stand up against the political bull shit, your cutting Babylon down bit by bit. We all know the whole systems needs a cleanse and until then we keep doing our part to eliminate it piece by piece. One day there will be nothing let to cut .

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