Athletes Need Cannabis

Updated: Mar 8

Blessings to you as always for reading. The anniversary of “Selassie Souljah “ was this past weekend. If you haven’t yet, go back and give it a listen. It’s my first solo album I was able to release and it means a lot to me considering the surroundings circumstances at the time. Thank everyone for their support always. Sit back roll one up and press play. Speaking of rolling up. Every Athlete in my opinion and especially Athletes that play contact sports not only want cannabis but need it.

I’n my overall sports experience i found an early love for football and put my passion into it. I never once tried cannabis in high school, college , or even when I turned pro. The stigma was real, the herb was trash , the penalties were stiff. No reason to risk it at that point. Then the problem of pain arises. When I was signed to the NFL specifically for the Minnesota Vikings I remember very clearly feeling hooked on Oxy after a horrible ankle injury that required 2 surgeries, 2 plates, and a screw. Give a 24 year old that injury, still getting paid very well, no direction ; this could have been fatal.

Fast forward to Arena football and other leagues that I played on that did not require or administer drug test at all. It was about getting high at that point. I compared it to liquor and it would help me sleep. But the relaxing part was always there and I knew I felt better overall. I begin to really research specifics at that point I didn’t know about topicals, edible’s, solves, dabs, bath bombs …nothing. A new world opened up like the beautiful Grand Canyon.

I played 3 years ago right before the pandemic hit for a league called the FPF, which was an amazing and largest flag football leagues in North America. Charlottes Web about 1 hour before the game , indica afterward. I felt sharp I felt my muscles more relaxed before and after. The gym days helped as well. It’s no secret the benefits at this point. It’s now about breaking down the chemical hold that these drug companies have on sports like a python crushing his meal. They won’t let go of those contracts. But it’s close to killing some of us everytime let alone the long term effects.

I thank the Most High for the research that continues to show that at minimal CBD should be given the hell out in every locker room. The proper use is key and not to abuse the plant in any way. We have already come to the conclusion that cannabis will help with head trauma and long term effects from a playing a high impact contact sport. The good old boys sitting in ownership on the other hand could careless. By giving 1 million dollars to research this year are crumbs compared to the 100 billion revenue you add up yearly.

This is our natural healer. Many athletes lost their careers because they wanted to heal in other ways. From my experience it saves lives. I haven’t taken chemical medicine since 2015 and with Jah guidance will continue. From my experience this plant saved me And maybe back then if I knew, the sacrifices would have been horrible for me to heal the real way. And until that changes especially in the NFL, fully, then the claim to keep athletes safe, falls on deaf ears. Do what’s right . Let us heal how we need to heal.

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