Ashwagandha! Herbal series pt I

Thank you for taken the time out again to tap in! I hope the road blocks of life that you may deal with are run over by a semi truck of love. It’s important for us to continue to be vigilant about our health. Since November of last year, I have been able to go into a tunnel vision mode when it comes to upgrading myself. I was already an advocate for natural medicine but I needed to get specific for my ailments. So I decided to share some herbal supplements that have helped me tremendously. So let’s dive into it. Have you ever taken or heard of Ashwagandha? If not I think we all need this in our cabinet ASAP!

Ashkawandha’s orgin or where it’s grown starts in India and is also seen in parts of Africa. To keep a simple definition from Katy Carman from, “…perhaps one of the most prized herbs in Ayurveda, ashwagandha (sometimes called Indian ginseng or Indian winter cherry) has purported health benefits that fall directly in line with the ancient practice's goal of individual, systemic balance.” And I agree fully. The energy kick isn’t like caffeine at all. It’s a natural flow. I have been such a fan of this product and I recommend Renew Actives Ashkawandha + Black pepper capsules. No this isn’t some review. This is straight truth. My focus is on go mode all the time. It takes not even a day to feel that natural pick me up from the moment you open your eyes. It’s also sustained throughout the day especially my works out. Another benefit that is personal to me is it’s memory enhancing benefits. My mother suffers from dementia and after doing much research I feel as if she could have really used this medicine to slow down this horrible disease.

I want everyone to try this out for 2 weeks. I have posted a link here in case you want to give a try for yourself. Another huge benefit that I almost forgot to mention is Ashkawandha resistance to stress. It feels as if you are in control of your mindset way more while undergoing difficulties. The fact that it is all natural should get your attention. These days a good investment to get back results; would be investing into yourself.

I hope this benefits you in some way. I want all of us to heal. Flat out. It can be trash, people can turn on you so quickly. You have to arm yourself inside and out. The earth heals us. We can’t forget that true fact.

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