Angry Motivation

Happy Tuesday to everyone. It’s been a rough couple days but you know I don’t stop. I just wanted to give some motivation to everyone and to let everyone know it’s ok to be mad about it. It’s ok to have the mean mug as you grind. My mother had that same firm look and it was passed down fully to me. My father had the eyes and calmness . Jah really knew that this combo would create a pretty animated lion like figure as myself. I have to admit I do the most when angry, under appreciated , or left alone I seem to rise up the most.

There some people who read these blogs just to see if your failing or wondering what is going on even after they aided to my anger unfairly. I want to let those watching know, That what was told to me spiritually is that the most high will keep your enemies close as their own punishment. Jah won’t punish you how I feel, but he’s going to keep you right here. So you can watch and wonder; how does he keep on killing shit? That’s your own punishment. You know what you did and you know you will forever watch to see if it effected me. That’s the revenge.

So the anger motivation comes to the forefront. It’s not a mad mental state, more like relentless determination with the expectation of bull shit coming your way and fully being prepared. I keep a safe stash in case someone does something to try to end me. I keep Jah on my side and stay grounded. The success was already happening before. Watch it manifest now. Trust me to my enemies watch closely…very closely. To my real ones watch Jah work miracles through my life and if he can do it for me he will do it for you as well.

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