Alabama Church Bombing Anniversary:

Good morning to all that continue to show love. I wanted to tell you I Fuc with every last one of and I hope you continue to get through this crazy world with a good heart and a smile on your face. I wanted to continue to spread awareness to black historical events that society try’s to forget. The reason why I feel a certain way still when I enter the state of Alabama .

The church bombing attack happened on this day 59 years ago. The coward and brutal KKK decided to literally attack a Baptist church. They set a bomb in the basement and when it detonated , it killed 4 little girls while they practiced for choir rehearsal and injured 22 others. This is known as the 16th Baptist church Bombing. To be in detail they planted 19 sticks of dynamite. The knew the 4 klansmen that did it also and they didn’t see punishment until 1994 and 2002. One of the klansmen has died by then.

How about Sara Rudolph who is still one  of the survivors. She  was the 5th girl out of the 4 that died. She lost an eye and had metal stuck in her body from this event . To this day the Alabama government has not compensated her for any one of her injuries.  Writing this angers me and let’s me understand that Black Americans will never see true liberation without full unity and aggression. The fact that these klansmen lived a full life outside of jail while killing little black girls is enough to make any person shake. How can this happen? I know, I lived in Alabama temporarily. It’s just an unknown fact to stay separate. You can feel the racial vibe.

But dont talk about terrorism  to me and point the finger to the middle east . We have been bombed on from the Tulsa, Oklahoma black Wall Street incident, to this. During the movement many of our churches where bombed. That’s why I leaned more in Malcom X then Martin Luther King. Lord knew what he was doing putting me in this time period because no way am I letting any of this ride without a response. If your reading this just know we have to be reminded of history because it’s being eliminated.  There are no holidays or no tributes for the lives lost during this time. That’s why the edge will always be there. Fuc Babylon.

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