Accountability without Self Hate

It’s FRIDAYY. It’s almost the Sabbath and I’m feeling better and better every day. Thank you to everyone reading even for whatever reasons. I know even the ones that have done me extremely dirty, like plotted schemed for days, are reading and I want to thank you as well. When you overstand life, even your enemies will teach you a lesson. Your choice is to only get stronger though this process. Just like a work out , yeah you will be sore, but once you recover you become a beast so to speak. Today I wanted to briefly talk about accountability without self hate.

We all have gone through trials and tribulations on a massive scale. Each one of us has made decisions that can affect are lives in a major way rather it be for the good or bad. It’s very easy to beat yourself up over every decision you made that didn’t turn out so great. But holding yourself accountable then improving on that mistake is a whole different paradigm.

I’ve personally gotten better at this. I battled serious depression after I knew I wouldn’t play professionally anymore. Felt lost, like a failure , I knew I dropped the ball in certain aspects. I still fight with it to this day. But I came to an overstanding that yes I can hold myself accountable for not being focused, but the key is to learn from it. I know that once I get my big opportunity I won’t let it go to waste this time.

Don’t beat yourself down. Hold yourself fully accountable, learn and grow. That’s literally the only choice we have. Happy Friday , Happy Sabbath!

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