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A new year to takeover

Happy Babylon New Year. Sorry you know how Rasta I can be. I will remind everyone later on in the year as I also follow the eastern Ethiopian clock as well. Always look to the east to confirm any questions you may have. I know everyone has mad somewhat of a resolution in their lives. Even small changes, like getting in better health, saving more or even learning a new trade. At the end of the day we always have a chance to make a change we don t need a calendar day to say enough, its time to upgrade it all. But I can see exactly why we all do it. Its a great starter point.

We all need to stay consistent as possible. Last year I read a total of 12 books over the year. This year I want to increase that by 3 to 5. I felt it changed my perspective by the end of year. To the point where I healed so much that I looked back at the stuff I might have did or thought about while healing and almost got disgusted at myself. I was tested all year, I continued to grind through and release music and stay relevant. I also was so consistent with my health like never before. Spending a good amount of money on health as far as gym memberships, herbs, and especially nutrition. So what next? Level up,Level the fuc up.

What I ve learned over my life is that you have to be relentless with your goals. You cant hold back anything. You accomplish something, good on to the next. Until you have a that life machine going on auto pilot so that you have more TIME for yourself and family, you should always look to find that next mountain to take over. So I wrote a 12 point plan that I will read daily, cold showers in the morning, (yes for men read about the benefits and you will understand a cold shower in the morning makes the warm shower at night even better), more music, more videos and more opportunities to obtain my goals.

We have to wake up especially as men. We need to get back to our roles on the earth. Learning everything I can, preparing myself for the future and saving more. Like seriously enough is enough. But its not about the year, sometimes its day to day. Don t let any life ailment make you fall of your goals. Keep fighting. New Year, new day and no it will not be the same and you are going to make sure its not. Jah Bless

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