Happy Monday and EID Mubarak to my family and friends. It’s been so many ups and downs personally, however I refuse to not give love or spread knowledge on this earth because someone needs it. Today I just want to be brief in what I feel love is.

Love can be the greatest thing you ever have In your life or it can almost get you killed. The levels of love can different but also similar in a way. The love you have for your Mother or Father may not be the same love you have for your spouse. But to me that doesn’t change the base of where love comes from. Which is the heart. When someone has so much Love to give , they need to be protected at all cost. To me there is a serious love-vulture crew of people that we need to be careful of.

A love-vulture doesn’t see value in the people that love him or her. They will give love but it’s extremely conditional. Once that condition is broken the love goes as well. They never truly experience love at all. They don’t see a value in giving it or receiving it. It’s sad but very true.

To us who give love to others because we have love to give doesn’t mean we give it to everyone. I’ve done this before and unfortunately I learned my lesson many times. But the difference is letting love take over and not change how you are or even who you are as a person. It can be a struggle when you can’t seem to trust anyone. But Jah willing we find our love space and we protect it. You can’t fake love, and unconditional love is so rare. I got a tight circle of love ones and want you to know I appreciate every second of love you have given me. The support makes me emotional sometimes because I know there is no conditions for it. Thank you all and I will not let you down.

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